My name is Trevon and I'm 19 years old




Black/African American


New Jersey

Trevon is known for his welcoming and intriguing eyes. This teen enjoys taking in the world as he sits in his favorite bean bag chair or as he enjoys time outdoors – walking, swinging, and running around. Trevon easily engages with people he knows but can take some time to warm up with new people in his life. He is recognized for his big and enthusiastic smile. Trevon loves anything he can fidget with. One of his favorite indoor activities is playing with his fidget devices as he observes the action around him. Trevon also enjoys listening to music and getting a chance to “rock out” some days. Finally, Trevon also enjoys building with Lego Bricks. Trevon really enjoys being in a family atmosphere and dreams of finding a forever family soon. He needs a patient, loving family willing to make a lifelong commitment to his care. He would do well with other children in the home but also may be the only child.

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Favorite hobbies

Playing with my fidget spinners

When I grow up

I want to be surrounded by love

I’m happiest when

I get to listen to music and dance along!

What I’m looking for in a family

a patient, loving family willing to make a lifelong commitment me

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Trevon's Story

Trevon's Story

Would you like to make Trevon part of your family?

To adopt Trevon, you need to work with an adoption agency in your state and complete your home study. If you haven’t gotten this far in your process yet, we can connect you with an agency that can help.

If this is the first time you’re considering adopting from foster care, here’s a great guide on what to expect.