My name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old




Black/African American;White/Caucasian


New Jersey

Sarah is huge fan of rap and hip-hop. One of her favorite things to do is to write her own rap songs. Last year, she wrote a “Happy Birthday” rap song for her grandmother. She’s following her ambition to be a famous hip-hop artist, but has nursing as a backup. She also likes to listen to Taylor Swift and Cardi B. When she’s not listening to music, she’s probably drawing with her favorite gel pens or writing in her journal. Sarah enjoys going to arcades, amusement parks, and playing basketball. Sarah would like to take a road trip to Cleveland because it sounds like a fun town. She continues to have contact with family members, and would really love to maintain that bond with her family.

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Favorite hobbies

playing sports, reading and writing my own rap music

When I grow up

I want to become a neonatal nurse and take care of sick babies

I’m happiest when

When I am writing my music

What I’m looking for in a family

A family which will properly love me, care for me, be kind, patient and provide a successful path for me

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Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

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To adopt Sarah, you need to work with an adoption agency in your state and complete your home study. If you haven’t gotten this far in your process yet, we can connect you with an agency that can help.

If this is the first time you’re considering adopting from foster care, here’s a great guide on what to expect.