My name is Mikhail and I'm years old





New Jersey

Mikhail is a sweet and affectionate youth whose loving demeanor is endearing to all those around him. Mikhail cleans up the classroom at school, puts away groceries at home and is overall super helpful and kind. Mikhail enjoys outdoor activities such as baseball and frisbee. He loves being outdoors. When warm, he can be found swimming and even when it is cold outside, that doesn’t stop him! Bring on the sleigh riding and hot cocoa! Mikhail’s all-time favorite movie is “Lego Batman”, and he likes to watch “Paw Patrol.” Mikhail has been described as a “gentleman” who holds doors for elders, says “please” and “thank you” and ensures everybody around him is doing well. Mikhail is ready for his forever home. He does well with children close to his age. Any family open to adopting Mikhail should be willing to maintain structure. Mikhail has no issue with pets.

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Favorite hobbies

playing with my toys, tablet time, coloring, watching Disney & spending time one-on-one with a caring adult.

When I grow up

I can do anything other children can do with time, care, love and practice - the world is my oyster!

I’m happiest when

I am outside playing! I love going on my scooter, taking walks, playing basketball and frisbee.

What I’m looking for in a family

A family with structure who will commit to me!

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Mikhail's Story

Mikhail's Story

Would you like to make Mikhail part of your family?

To adopt Mikhail, you need to work with an adoption agency in your state and complete your home study. If you haven’t gotten this far in your process yet, we can connect you with an agency that can help.

If this is the first time you’re considering adopting from foster care, here’s a great guide on what to expect.