My name is Michael and I'm 18 years old




Black/African American;White/Caucasian



Michael is a funny and kind teen. He is soft-spoken and quiet when first meeting somebody but his personality and sense of humor shine through once comfortable. Michael is active and loves to play outside with his friends. Swimming is one of his favorite activities. He enjoys playing most sports and his favorites are football and basketball. He enjoys playing video games and watching superhero movies. Michael has been described as an enthusiastic and hard-working student.

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Favorite hobbies

Spending time outdoors, playing football and basketball, swimming, playing video games and watching superhero movies.

When I grow up

I would like to have a job working with children with similar experiences and situations similar to mine.

I’m happiest when

I am playing outside with friends!

What I’m looking for in a family

Parents that are active and enjoy being outdoors, will encourage my interests, aspirations and future goals, and who will love me unconditionally.

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Michael's Story

Michael's Story

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To adopt Michael, you need to work with an adoption agency in your state and complete your home study. If you haven’t gotten this far in your process yet, we can connect you with an agency that can help.

If this is the first time you’re considering adopting from foster care, here’s a great guide on what to expect.