My name is Hallie and I'm 20 years old







Hallie is a complete joy! She is extremely affectionate, and loves to cuddle and give hugs. Her favorite thing to do is to listen to music and dance to the beat. Her caregivers describe her as a total sweetheart - always greeting them when they arrive in the morning and giggling when she gets to spend time with people. Hallie enjoys listening to stories, taking short walks, and engaging in sensory, stimulating activities. Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, french fries, and fish - she also has a sweet tooth for cakes and cookies! Hallie would bring a ton of love and enthusiasm to any family!

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Favorite hobbies

listening to music, dancing, and dressing up!

When I grow up

I'd like to be a part of a loving family!

I’m happiest when

I am spending time with people and listening to stories!

What I’m looking for in a family

one that is loving, caring, patient, and devoted!

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Hallie's Story

Hallie's Story

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To adopt Hallie, you need to work with an adoption agency in your state and complete your home study. If you haven’t gotten this far in your process yet, we can connect you with an agency that can help.

If this is the first time you’re considering adopting from foster care, here’s a great guide on what to expect.