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About Us

Our inspiration comes from the belief that "There are no unwanted children… just unfound families”. From that perspective we provide the following free adoptive services: Public Awareness & Recruitment, Information & Referral and Matching Events & Advocacy. We are here to bring attention to the need for adoptive homes for children living in foster care. We help agencies recruit on behalf of their waiting children. We seek to match prospective adoptive families with appropriate adoption agencies.

Success Stories

Sofia is a young woman with bubbly personality and this year she found her forever family.
For a time she was living in a foster home with a family who provided her with stability and love, yet Sofia struggled to excel in school and overcome her personal complications. Her adoption team searched her network to identify adults that knew her, who could become her forever family. These searches proved fruitless, so the professionals turned to our services to identify qualified resources for Sofia.
Through one of these services, a family saw Sofia and wanted more information. After resolving some complications, this family was matched with Sofia and after a long awaited journey, they were able to proceed with a placement and eventually an adoption.
Sofia now excels in school. Her personal challenges have been addressed and overcome due to the dedication and love of her forever family. #NAM2016 #NationalAdoptionMonth

-Wednesday's Child Philadelphia

In January 2015 on Wednesday's Child we featured a shy, 11 year old boy named John. John loved baseball and was searching for his forever family.

Around the same time that the segment was shot, Jim and Jose were finalizing the adoption of their son Brandon. They talked to their social worker about the possibility of expanding their family, and she suggested they watch that week’s Wednesday’s Child segment – when John would be airing. Jim later said that he knew the minute they saw the segment that John was meant to be part of the family.

-Wednesday's Child Philadelphia Success Story

Lanier and Adam worked hard to show her love and accept her as their own.  With much dedication, support, and perseverance, they have proven to Alexis that they are worthy of her love.  Lanier empathically told Alexis “this is your last stop”.  Since then, Alexis has dramatically improved in all areas, including school.  

-Wednesday's Child


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