Public Awareness & Recruitment Opportunities

Center staff has prepared materials to assist adoption professionals to help make their children ready to appear in the media and attend matching events. The Center also helps adoption professionals prepare children for media recruitment.

After a child appears in media recruitment, newspaper, television or radio, Adoption Center staff respond to any inquiries received as a result of media features. Adoption professionals who use the Center’s media to feature their children will receive all inquiries from approved families within two business days.

All inquiries from families who are just beginning the adoption process will receive a referral to the Center’s agency and family matching service, AdoptMatch. AdoptMatch provides a prospective adoptive family with an opportunity to register, create a unique profile, and be matched to the most appropriate agencies that best fit its adoption needs and goals.

Matching Event Consultation

Adoption matching events have been a core service of the Center for more than 25 years.  A match party or matching event is carefully planned and designed to bring together youth waiting to be adopted with approved families interested in adopting them. The Center hosts match events designed for specific types of children: older youth, sibling groups and children of all ages.

Center staff is available to consult on the creation and implementation of matching events, particularly for older youth.  Consultation services include a match party kit of all Center materials created over the 25-year history of hosting matching events and creation of podcasts for families and social workers to help prepare them to attend this event. The Center has created a Guidebook to Match Parties that is available to adoption professionals.  Reproduction of Center written materials should be credited to the National Adoption Center.