17-year-old boy adopted before aging out of system

By Jeff Gammage, Inquirer Staff Writer

POSTED: March 26, 2013

People don't adopt children like Ethan.

A long-term foster-care child who has been in seven homes, who at 17 is almost an adult, about to age out of the system.

When some people looked at Ethan, they saw heartbreak. When Karen and John Pascucci looked, they saw their son.

It was the thoughtful questions he asked, the way his 6-foot-3 frame sheltered a gentle personality, his maturity and resilience, his desire for a permanent family.

"He said he wanted to put down roots with us," Karen said.

This month, at an emotional finalization hearing in a courtroom in Delaware, his home state, Ethan officially became the Pascuccis' son - and big brother to their 6-year-old daughter, Charley.

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