Foster Family to Forever Family

Our intention is that those who have been thinking of adoption, those who work in the adoption and foster care field, and other professionals who work with those whose lives have been touched by adoption, may learn from interactive course. 
Foster Family to Forever Family is avaliable for purchase for $10. You will receive a certificate upon completion. Click here to take our course. This link will connect you to the website of our partner, Adoption Learning Partners.
Topics Covered in Foster Family to Forever Family:
The benefits for children, families and society of adopting your foster child
Understanding what your state permits
The importance of a support system
The seven steps of the adoption process
Getting the help you need to guide you and your child in making the transition from foster to adopt
Discussing adoption with your social worker
There is also an extensive glossary, a list of adoption-related websites, and a section on famous people whose lives were touched by adoption. 
Suitable for:
Prospective adoptive parents
Foster parents who want to adopt their foster child or children
Adoption agencies and social workers
Other professionals: teachers, lawyers, doctors or anyone working with adoptive families and their children
Our learners may:
Purchase and complete this program online
Work around a flexible schedule
Stop and start course as the learner wishes
We are offering states and agencies the ability to...
Provide the program to their own families and staff members
Personalize and localize the course to suit their needs
Certify families have completed preparation for adoption training
Certify professionals have completed training in the adoption process
Through our learning management system, NAC has the ability to report on...
Course completions
Learner satisfaction
Factors impacting program completion
Performance compared to thenational average
Additional benefits of NAC's Foster Family to Forever Family:
Designed to do more than drive course completions
Engages learners in the process; as much a conversation as information
Includes printable materials to share with the learner’s family and adoption professionals
NAC supports learners through process and beyond
One, reliable and reputable resource to guide learners step-by-step through the adoption lifecycle
For group purchasing or other information contact Alexandra, at 267-443-1868.