My name is Darnell. I’m
years old.

Darnell is a sweet child who suffered a traumatic brain injury as an infant. Adopting a child with significant medical needs may seem intimidating to a family, but every family should know that they would be educated and trained on all of Darnell’s medical needs. The transition into a family’s home would be a slower process, and wouldn’t happen until everyone felt comfortable.

We are looking for a family who understands that the joy that Darnell will bring into their life may be different from another child, but that the joy will still be great. The family would be there to support Darnell, and advocate for his needs.

Darnell can light up the room with his smile and laugh. He is able to hear you and react to your voice and other noises. He loves music, and loves to be touched. Children with disabilities like Darnell’s thrive in home settings. Their quality of life increases immeasurably when they are moved in with their family.

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My favorite hobbies are:
listening to music
When I grow up:
I hope that I am in a loving home
I'm happiest when:
when you talk to me, sing to me or rub my arm
What I'm looking for in a family:
a family who will love and care for me
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