Wednesday's Child USA Families

Family Stories

“As soon as I saw Jayden on NBC”s Wednesday’s Child, I knew he would be my son.”  As a result of shaken-baby syndrome, three-year-old Jayden suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He was deaf, not able to talk and needed a tube in his throat to breathe. He appeared on Wednesday’s Child as yet another attempt to find a family for him. There was one response. But sometimes one is enough.  Karen and Adam Owens’ birth son had passed away when he was Jayden’s age because of serious medical problems. The couple was in the midst of adopting Angela, a little girl with cerebral palsy with severely limited vision. They felt there was room in their hearts for another child. “I’ve seen what can happen with love and attention,” Karen says. “I wish more people would adopt. All it takes is one person to say yes.”                                               

Karen Owens, adoptive mother of two medically fragile children

 "This family is more than I dreamed of.  My parents have passion for me.  The best part about having a family is waking up to a smile from them every day.”   When Jordan appeared on Wednesday’s Child, he was living in foster care and talked about his dreams of having a permanent family.  After watching Jordan’s TV feature several dozen times, his adoptive dad said, “It was like seeing the child we had heard about from our adoption agency come to life.  We knew he had to become part of our family.”                                                                                                           

 Jordan, 11, adopted in 2011