For Adopted Individuals

On the following pages you will find some resources to help you search for your birthfamily. There is no national database of all United States adoptions. State laws determine if, when, or how an adult adoptee, birth parent, or birth sibling is permitted to obtain an original birth certificate (pre-adoption), non-identifying information or adoption records. 

The search for birth family members or even original birth certificate and adoption records can be a lengthy process that takes patience and courage with no guarantee of success. Individuals and companies will, for a price, conduct a search. Depending upon how much information one has available, the time and ensuing costs can range from a nominal fee for joining certain adoption registries, to thousands of dollars to hire a search firm or private investigator. 

Some state laws indicate that an adoptee can petition a judge to have their adoption record opened. Some judges will comply, particularly if there is an urgent medical need. It is important to remember that even if adoption records are opened, the medical history given at the time the adoption took place may be insufficient.